You will receive a confirmation email once your application has been submitted. All applications are reviewed by the TEDxUQ Curatorial Team once per year during the annual speaker selection period. The exact dates of this period are announced every year by TEDxUQ across relevant media channels. You will be notified on the progression of your application once it has been reviewed.

All applications will be carefully evaluated by the TEDxUQ Curatorial Team during the annual speaker selection period. If your application is successful, you will progress to the interview stage where you will have the opportunity to present your idea in greater detail. All applicants will be informed about the outcome of their application.

The purpose of the interview is to learn more about you and your idea. The interviews will be short, relaxed, and conversational. Please ensure your idea is well thought out and you’ve considered why you would like to present your idea at TEDxUQ. You can ask us any questions you may have about TEDxUQ as well. There is no special preparation you will need to do, nor will you need to bring anything along to the interview – just be yourself!

Being a TEDx speaker is an exciting opportunity and requires a significant commitment for several months leading up to the event. You will be expected to submit a number of drafts as you develop your talk within clearly defined deadlines. Moreover, there will be several rehearsals and speaker training sessions organised for the month ahead of the event.

TEDxUQ brings a TED-like experience to the UQ and wider Brisbane communities. Tickets will be available to members of the UQ community (students, staff, alumni), as well as the general public. Accordingly, it is typical for such an experience to be attended by people from a wide and diverse range of backgrounds and specialities.

TEDxUQ does not have a dedicated speaker nomination process. We suggest that you forward the speaker application link to the person you believe would be a suitable speaker, as all applicants must be involved in the application and interviewing process to be considered.

TED and TEDx platforms are about ideas worth spreading and we certainly understand that one speaker may have many ideas to share. However, all applicants must put forward an original talk presenting a new idea to the audience. During the speaker selection process, preference may be given to an idea that has not yet been shared on the TED or TEDx platforms.

Every year we receive incredible applications across diverse disciplines, resulting in a very challenging selection process. An unsuccessful application does not mean that the idea presented is not worth spreading. We invite unsuccessful applicants to consider applying again in the future.

The process of interviewing, selecting, and preparing speakers for the TEDxUQ event is, though rewarding, incredibly challenging and requires our full commitment and attention. This means that unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we can provide detailed feedback to our unsuccessful applicants. However, we continue to encourage unsuccessful applicants to engage with the TED and TEDx platforms and invite them to consider applying again in the future.