TEDxUQ 2021

Could you be a victim of domestic violence? | Ben Bjarnesen

Universities as Disability Champions of Change | Paul Harpur

How your waste can change the world | Ashley Baxter

Why the secret to changing the world lies in effective social enterprise | Mikhara Ramsing

A hypersonic journey | Allan Paull

How to work out who you really are | Luke Furness

Tapping into the life-changing potential of intentional storytelling | Paige Wilcox

Why simple salt water is so much more than it seems | Tim Duignan

Dying young in the arms of music | Maggie James

How art and music helped me overcome my Complex PTSD | Deena Lynch

How to raise resilient children in a fear-based world | Lukas Ritson

More than a best friend: pet dogs can help us cure cancer | Rachel Allavena

TEDxUQ 2019 'Ask Why'

Deadly cures: how venomous animals could save your life || Glenn King

Chess: an educational tool for Emotional Intelligence || Ash Reddy

Unleashing your game-changing potential || Cameron Turner

Visual Storytelling: drawing out our collective intelligence || Hayley Langsdorf

Honouring your wonder: observe || Alicia Sometimes

Self-extinguishing timber buildings: a climate change solution? || Carmen Gorska Putynska

To create change we need to create new stories || Donna Hancox

Content moderators: the gatekeepers of social media || Gianluca Demartini

Impossible is nothing || John Fraser

World Politics from the Social to the Ecological Question || Martin Weber

Why a press freedom law should matter to us all || Peter Greste

How works of fiction become words for change || Simon Cleary

What can an escape room teach us about cancer? || Ken Dutton-Regester

TEDxUQ 2018 ‘i am [ ]’

Reframing ‘work’: the other four letter word || Edwin Trevor-Roberts

Clamping down on the flavours of the flu || Chris McMillan

Want to help Africa? Travel there! || Kelly Virginia Phelan

Policing consent: seduction, lies, and the limits of rape law || Zoe Brereton

Using Synthetic Biology to find synthetic athletes || Jason Whitfield

Responsibility to cool a warming planet does not lie with the poor || Kristen Lyons

Building the 21st century classroom || Scott Millar

The bitter conundrum: poison or medicine? || Eugeni Roura

Why the world needs faster food || Lee Hickey