Past Events


Directors: Ally Fulton, Madalyn Conwell, and Yan Yee Lee

This year’s theme is Small Ripples, Big Waves. The theme highlights that even when something seems small, it can have a resounding impact long into the future.  Take TEDxUQ, for example… In 2013, we welcomed 6 speakers, who presented to an audience of 100 people. Ten years later, our tenth anniversary event welcomes you and 499 other attendees to hear from 12 speakers. Seize every opportunity today – you never know where a small idea or conversation will take you.


Directors: Ally Fulton and Madalyn Conwell

The theme of TEDxUQ 2022 was Challengers. Changemakers. Champions. Attendees were delighted by talks from speakers who are challengers, questioning the status quo by proposing unique ideas and perspectives that prompt us to reimagine our worldview. As changemakers, each speaker is forging a path and creating change that will improve society and our lives. Not only this, but they are also champions in their respective fields, shining a bright light forward into the future.


Directors: Janice Reid and Madalyn Conwell

In 2021, TEDxUQ chose the theme Connected to celebrate this opportunity to come together, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Directors: Janice Reid and Madalyn Conwell

In 2019, TEDxUQ chose the theme Ask Why to celebrate curiosity and to challenge what we think we know. What is curiosity? It is the young child who will ask why the sky is blue, the scientist on the brink of discovery, or the entrepreneur at the start of a groundbreaking venture. Ask Why was inspired by the curious, the innovators, and the ground shakers. Ask Why was TEDxUQ’s largest event to date, with 500 attendees gathering in the Advanced Engineering Building.


Directors: Janice Reid and Jarrad Aspen

The theme of TEDxUQ’s 2018 event was i am [ ]. This theme encapsulated two of our key pillars, innovation and diversity, and was inspired by how people define themselves. Our speakers were able to share their personal experiences and explain how these led them to the TEDxUQ stage.


Director: Adrian Stokes

The Thinking Out Loud theme stemmed from the idea that conversations and collaborations are the driving force behind innovation and change. Participants were exposed to ideas and research that were unfamiliar to some, showcasing a diverse range of fields in the domains of science, technology, psychology, business, and culture.


Director: Montgomery Quaife-Ryan

The Future Frontiers theme was chosen because of our uncertainty in the future and a desire to uncover new frontiers and possibilities. The event looked at ideas and research shaping the frontiers of science, technology, psychology, business, law, and the arts by bringing together thought leaders from the UQ community.


Director: Marya Atmeh

In 2015, TEDxUQ returned for its third annual instalment of sharing “ideas worth spreading” at UQ. The Rewrite the Rules theme emerged from the conception that thoughts and understandings are constantly shaped by external factors, including tradition and upbringing.


Director: Lawrence Kurniawan Wong

TEDxUQ’s second annual event, held in the Advanced Engineering Building in March 2014, discussed the theme Old Ideas, New World. Participants explored how connecting with classic ideas could open a world of possibilities, even in an age of exponential change.


Director: Lawrence Kurniawan Wong

TEDxUQ’s 2013 event was held in March at the Physiology Lecture Theatre. The event was centered around the theme Extraordinary and attracted speakers that covered a diverse range of topics including human minds, robots, impostors, achieving success, genetically modified organisms, and entrepreneurship.