Discover the Boundless Potential Within: “Impossible is Nothing” with Professor John Fraser at TEDxUQ.



Success is frequently defined as moving from failure to failure with undiminished enthusiasm

In an enlightening talk at TEDxUQ 2019, John Fraser, a renowned medical doctor, delivered a compelling talk titled “Impossible is Nothing,” where he details his journey to develop a new method for delivering life-saving drugs which was inspired by a personal experience and his grandmother’s legacy. He encourages audiences to rethink their perceived limitations and explore the vast potential of human capacity.

Throughout his talk, John shared personal anecdotes and professional achievements that illustrated his core message:the limits of possibility are often much broader than we assume.” He detailed his own journey from overcoming significant personal setbacks to achieving notable professional milestones, emphasizing the power of resilience, innovation, and strategic thinking.

John’s narrative was underpinned by robust data and psychological insights, providing attendees with not only inspiration but also practical strategies to apply in their own lives. His discussion on the importance of mindset in overcoming barriers and achieving success resonated deeply with the audience, offering a fresh perspective on tackling challenges that seem insurmountable.

The talk concluded with actionable takeaways for personal and professional growth, making “Impossible is Nothing” a must-watch for anyone looking to expand their horizons and challenge their status quo.
Join us in exploring how John Fraser articulates the transformation from the impossible to the possible, inspiring a new wave of thinkers who dare to dream big. Watch the full talk here.