TEDxUQ aims to bring together bright minds to give talks that are idea-focused and foster learning, inspiration, and wonder. We aim to cover a wide range of topics and provoke conversations that matter. Through local TED-like experiences, TEDx programs foster connections within communities. 

If you wish to be considered as a speaker for future TEDxUQ events, please complete the form below to help us get to know you better and gauge your suitability as a TEDxUQ speaker.

Being a TEDx speaker is an exciting opportunity to share knowledge that strikes at the heart of the TED mission: ideas worth spreading. This privilege must not be taken lightly and requires a significant commitment from passionate and inspiring speakers. Not only will you be presenting to an audience from the UQ community, but your talk will also be accessible online, where it could be viewed by millions of people. 

Applications are always welcome throughout the year from UQ affiliates, the wider Brisbane community, and Australia. We are specifically looking for local voices with unique ideas, or ideas presented from a unique perspective, which align with the TED values.

Think of an idea that is capable of changing mindsets, not a typical presentation or a commercial pitch. We seek to curate an event that features ideas from a variety of disciplines. It is important to note that TEDx platforms are idea-focused and are not suitable spaces for publicity or self-promotion. 

Applications to speak at TEDxUQ 2023 will close on Monday 20 March at 11:59pm. Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis and early applications are preferred. All applicants will be updated on their progress in late March 2023.

For more information, or if you have any questions, check our FAQ page or please contact us at [email protected]

See what other speakers had to say

2019 Speaker

“The opportunity to present our ideas to the public and meet so many outstanding individuals from such a wide range of disciplines.”



2019 Speaker

Speaking at TEDxUQ was an exhilarating experience. Unless you’ve done one before, or spoken to someone who has, you don’t realize the amount of effort and preparation that goes into a TEDx talk. The team at TEDxUQ were fantastic in working us through the process, keeping us on track, and providing outstanding training to help us acheive the best performance possible.

2018 Speaker

The excitement of the day was a highlight for me. The buzz of the speakers hanging out backstage putting in their last bits of practice. Not just listening but getting to discuss more deeply the concepts they were sharing and why they were important to them. Secondly to that would be the intentional process you’re taken through to create your talk.