Ben Hayes

Ben has extensive research experience in the genetic improvement of livestock, crop, pasture, and aquaculture species. With a focus on the integration of genomic information into breeding programs, Dr Hayes has lead many large scale projects which have successfully implemented genomic technologies in livestock and cropping industries. Author of more than 150 journal
papers, including in Nature Genetics, Nature Reviews
Genetics, and Science, Dr Hayes was Thomson Reuters’
most highly cited researcher in 2015 and 2016.



Sam Boyle

Sam is a lawyer who has worked in the community legal sector. He is interested in the way law and mental health intersect, and is undertaking a PhD on the issue of capacity and its role in the legal system. In particular, Sam is looking at how the law decides whether someone with a mental illness will be allowed to refuse medical treatment.



Associate Professor Massimo Hilliard

Associate Professor Massimo A. Hilliard received his PhD in Biological Chemistry and Molecular Biology in 2001 from the University of Naples, Italy. He then undertook postdoctoral training at the University of California San Diego, the University of California San Francisco, and The Rockefeller University. In 2007, he was appointed as a Senior Research Fellow at the Queensland Brain Institute where he has established his independent laboratory. He was subsequently awarded an ARC Future Fellowship, and in 2015 was promoted to Associate Professor and awarded an NHMRC Senior Research Fellowship. His research has been funded by the NIH, NHMRC, and ARC, and his discoveries have been published in top tier journals, including Nature and Science.


Tamara Richardson

Tamara is an undergraduate psychology student at The University of Queensland. In 2016, Tamara became a prominent youth voice when she founded PACE 48, a regional, multinational youth-led platform, Promoting Access to Cultural Education across 48 Asia Pacific countries. With over 150 volunteers across 36 countries, and a network spanning more than 10,000 young people, Tamara works with governments, NGO's, youth-activists and research institutes to bridge youth-led intercultural relations across the Asia Pacific region. Tamara is also an elected member of the UQ Academic Board, the winner of the 2017 Queensland Young Achiever Award in Cultural Diversity, and an appointed Associate of the UNESCO Chair in Intercultural and Interreligious Relations, Asia Pacific. In a world where young people are more connected than ever, Tamara will be speaking about online social movements, and how, when you have access to the right networks, you can create a global social movement.


Caitlin Syme

Caitlin is a paleontologist who completed her PhD at The University of Queensland in 2017. Her speciality is taphonomy - the science of death, decay, burial, and fossilisation of ancient animal remains. The taphonomy of dinosaur, crocodile, and fish fossils from outback Queensland has provided a glimpse into an Early Cretaceous (102 million year old) world of rivers, deltas, and inland oceans. Taphonomy is not only useful in uncovering clues about Earth’s ancient ecosystems, but also how traces of life and ecosystems may be preserved on other planets.


Sue Tape

Sue Tape is a University of Queensland alumni (1993) and has a variety of corporate experience including resources, resorts, and regulatory rigour.  With clients ranging from the pig farmer to the multinational conglomerate, Sue has lived and worked in Brisbane, Kyoto, Perth, Bangkok and London. Sue is now using her wealth of knowledge and experience career experience to create a more inclusive society.  Thinking out loud is a key component of Sue’s efforts to enhance inclusiveness for her local community and her family.


Lindsay Spencer-Matthews

During his 40 year career Lindsay has experienced hard and good times. In the 23 years he has been practicing psychology he has developed powerful insights and frameworks that have not only helped him overcome his own adversity, but has helped countless clients overcome theirs. Lindsay will make you reconsider the way you think and reframe your life experiences in a way that might just make you see yourself as the “Luckiest Person in the World!”


Sara Dolnicar

Sara Dolnicar develops and tests ways to entice tourists to use less energy and water and waste less food when on vacation. Inducing small “painless” behaviour changes in billions of tourist can materially reduce the negative impact of tourism globally.


Grace Branjerdporn

Grace Branjerdporn is a PhD candidate and paediatric occupational therapist.  Grace is passionate about supporting children and their families reach their potential, by starting before birth.


Roy Baumeister

Roy has spent his career trying to understand what human social life is all about. Trained as an experimental social psychologist, he received his PhD from Princeton in 1978. His research spans many topics from self and identity to how people think about the future. In 2013, he received the highest award given by the Association for Psychological Science, the William James Fellow award, in recognition of his lifetime achievements. He has published in excess of 600 scientific works and 35 books, including New York Times Bestseller ‘Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength’. Listed in the bibliographies of more than 130,000 scientific writings, Roy is considered among the handful of most influential psychologists in the world.